Well, this is overwhelming.

I am currently plopped on the couch in my apartment, hungry as can be, hoping that I in fact do have groceries coming as scheduled. But since I don’t understand the Irish courier system, reception closes at 2 PM, and I simply have no other food, let’s use this time to put the last week into words.

I flew out of BOS with Tara & Emma (thank GOODNESS for friends) on Wednesday, August 14, and landed in Cork after a layover in Paris on Thursday. Let me tell you, we marched on like soldiers after missing a night of sleep. We were able to get bedding, toiletries, and a few groceries before we retreated home for takeout pizza and an early bedtime. On first glance, Cork is a humble but exciting city. We also met the 4th roommate in our apartment, Ms. Vanessa Kelly, whom I give thanks for every day at our high-low-kudos session.

Friday brought orientation and our first night out. In true Paulina fashion, I danced my butt off on Old Oak’s empty dance floor. Over the weekend we experienced hurling, attempted (succeeded? failed?) to mingle with other international students, and had a Tesco EXPERIENCE. Food shopping is beyond stressful. If it wasn’t for Tara’s quick thinking, we would have taxied home with a 50 euro pot. Apartment 20 was scarred, but we will persist.

Our program is set up to include an Early Start class which meets each weekday for 3 weeks- myself and the other HC students are enrolled in Irish Archaeology. The class has been pretty relaxed and we have a few field trips around the country coming up. Starting school was a welcome piece of comfort; I feel at home around books and papers and homework.

If I could sum up the last 5 days, overwhelming would be it. Adulting is hard, adulting in Ireland adds a new twist. That said, I have an AMAZING set of ladies to take it on with (Tara is currently cooking the apartment a dinner far beyond my capabilities, xoxo to you), and many more wonderful people at home lifting me up. Updates to come on the adventure.

UPDATE: the groceries arrived. 2 hours late. This is Irish time.

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