Being Ourselves vs. Growth

I adore my own company. A self-proclaimed extrovert, I do love a good gathering and the excitement of friends, but at the end of a social day, there is nothing I love more than time to read, think, and sleep. My MO through college has been to show up to the pre-game (if you’re in Ireland, it’s called prinks) and dip as everyone else heads “off-campus;” the perfect mix of conversation and an early night.

With the new semester kickoff and everyone eager to make new friends, there have been lots of nights where The Spires kids get together to go out. To stay in for my own happiness or to go out for my social growth: that is the question. I am a firm believer in sticking to your gut, in knowing your needs and not letting the all-powerful fear of missing out tell you to be in a space you know you’d rather not be in, but there is also the nagging feeling that part of being abroad is being uncomfortable. Staying up late and skipping my routines, especially with each day already being so full of newness, is certainly uncomfortable.

This past week I got sick, which made the decision to skip the parties that much easier, but it brought up the point to be considered going forward. Part of the Irish culture is to have a good time (aka to drink & dance & sing) throughout the weekdays. I love and appreciate the ability to have work and play, but I am exhausted just thinking about a T-Th party. There is a balance to be had for sure, and each day I want both to push myself, but also to stay true to my own pockets of joy. Maybe that will mean walking home from the bar early (chill Mom, it’s a safe city) or maybe that will mean skipping some nights, or maybe, just maybe, I will turn into a raging partier. Time will tell.

We took an overnight trip to Dublin with our Irish Archaeology class this past week and after a long day of exploring, our professor gave us the option to come out to a local pub. Though I was ready to sleep, I took the opportunity along with every other student. It ended up being a beautiful night of good music and laughs; I would have truly missed out had I not gone. But on Sunday, after essay writing and escaping a room*, I was glad to spend a quiet few hours with my computer, my family, and my best friend back home. It meant missing social stuff here, sure, but I otherwise would have missed something equally as worthy and deserving of my time.

In the spirit of being ourselves, this week I am aiming to wake up with my podcasts, spend time grinding a paper in the library, and make it back into town to shop by myself. Blissful.

*not to interrupt the flow of thought, but ESCAPE ROOMS ARE MY FAVORITE and I LOVE my roommates for doing it with me. 10/10. Highest rating on the Tesco scale.

One thought on “Being Ourselves vs. Growth

  1. Love sharing your thoughts and activities! You rock! I have every confidence in you and know you will establish a routine that works and is satisfying for you. Love you lots, pray for you everyday and miss you.


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