A New Kind of Grind

Hello blog! It’s been a second. Since the last time I wrote here, I traveled BACK to Spain to see Barcelona, enjoyed Cork’s famous Jazz Festival, and took my first test of the semester. Alllll good things. What seemed like was going to be a slow semester of sleeping in and PJ days is quickly becoming early mornings and library time. I have November jam packed with traveling and friends which I am so, so excited for, but it means that the precious few days I will be here in Cork have to be productive ones. Here at UCC, we don’t have weekly homework or readings per se. We have usually two things graded: an essay and a test. For me, I have three of those essay assignments due the first week of December and one the week after, so its critical that I am on top of the work throughout November. It isn’t exactly the Holy Cross grind; its a new sort of work hard play hard. I wake up early M-W and spend all day either in class or working on a paper, then Th-Sun I live it up somewhere fun (November will be London, Rome, Amman, and Dublin!). I appreciate having some time pressure to work with. I operate best when I feel motivated.

Because it feels like November is going to fly by, my mind has begun drifting to next semester in DC. Most of my internship applications are due November 1st, so (with any luck) I will be interviewing and hearing back towards the end of the month. I certainly feel a sense of uneasiness about this next step. In one of the books I read recently (The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle) one of the characters believes that every relationship needs a gardener and a grower. One person must seek cultivation, stability, and tend to the roots. One person should be always seeking the next thing, moving forward and not looking back. While my instinct would have been to categorize myself as a grower, this semester has made me realize my true love for roots. I am always after the next thrill and like being uncomfortable, sure, but I love doing that with the knowledge that I have stable ground to fall back to. If any of my core components (family, friendships, love, work/school) feel off-kilter, it takes a toll. I have really loved abroad and it feels sad to leave. There is also the fear of the unknown: where will I be working? How will I like where we live? Is the thesis going to kill me? The shakey, not-quite-yet-formed step I will be leaping onto in a few months, while stressful, is also a fantastic lesson in adaptability and patience. All will be known in time.

I wish I had been better this whole time writing down the details of what I’ve been doing, especially while traveling. Hopefully the pictures on the “photos” tab are useful for friends and family looking to follow along! The hope this month will be to record those memories. xxx

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