A Life Update

The Christmas lights have gone up. Classes have ended; finals season has begun. My roommates and I are working to accomplish one last meal from this restaurant and one last drink from that pub and one last trip to that store. It was a beautiful, crazy, packed semester full of life and love. I have two papers to hand in and two finals to sit for- on December 16th I get on a plane home! With my experience in Cork coming to a close, I’ve spent a lot of time looking forward to what home and next semester will bring.

Soon after I get home on the 16th I am making a trip to Holy Cross. Queen’s Cups is also a must on the agenda. Audrey comes home the same week and together we will get Kate to procrastinate her schoolwork in order to decorate the glass doors with snowflakes and watch Christmas specials- see you soon my bffs! I can’t wait for Coopdog snuggles and trips to the dog park and, if I’m lucky, snow. After the craziest Christmas last year, I am giddy for the routine of cookie platters and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and the special Christmas Day coffee cake.

Image result for christmas cupcakes

On my 21st birthday I got the best present: an internship at Senator Warren’s office in DC! It a huge sigh of relief to be done with the agony of applications, interviews, and waiting. With that position, I need to be in DC 2 weeks earlier than I originally anticipated, but after some searching I did find an Airbnb to house myself. It aligns well with my already-made plans to be in DC the 10th for a live show of my friend’s and I’s fave podcast: Girls Gotta Eat. I will stay to start working on Capitol Hill the 13th and the rest of the Holy Cross crew will be down the 25th. A few more puzzle pieces to figure out, namely which history professor will advise my thesis and which car I will be able to steal from the Martin household (I am sorry in advance @Kate), but things are unfolding beautifully. I am ready and I am excited.

I will work in Warren’s office M-Th from 9-6 PM and take a class Tuesday night on public policy. In whatever free time I can muster, I am hoping to take advantage of the CrossFit gym in walking distance to my apartment (thank you CrossFit Return here in Cork for giving me such a love), the DC nightlife, and, on weekends, find the Virginia boonies.

Image result for senator warren dc office

Biiigggg things are happening. Stay tuned. xx

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