Settling In Again

Today marks the end of my 2nd week here in Washington D.C. I drove up at the crack of dawn with Emily on Friday the 10th to see our fave podcast’s live-show (Girls Gotta Eat!) and spent the rest of the weekend having girl time with Em, Avery, & Lauren (& Lauren’s DC gals). Monday the 13th was my first day of work in Senator Warren’s office. Thursday the 16th Brendan flew down from Boston to spend the weekend and help me move into my official home in Pentagon City. We had a tearful goodbye Monday morning (see you in 4 months, cutie), but I was rewarded with a happy hello to Jack that night who stayed with me this week as he began his own internship.

Between the two weekends I’ve checked off a handful of museums (American History, Renwick, National Portrait, African-American History, Spy, & Holocaust), found some yummy restaurants (GCDC x2!), and overall started to settle in to this new space. I joined a gym (hi, CFSA), learned the aisles of the Whole Foods across the street, and figured out where my apartment’s trash chute is. As I expected, it has been nice to be here earlier than the rest of my program and to feel like I know the ropes a bit prior to thesis writing and our class starting.

Cheesing on the National Mall!

But there’s been a learning curve. I’ve gotten lost in the Capitol building countless times. I’ve been 20 minutes too early to work and 5 minutes too late (curse you DC metro). I left a candle on overnight and crashed my TV and broke the garbage disposal (Emma my girl don’t you worry, maintenance fixed my stupidity). My feet are covered in blisters from new office shoes and my hands are ripped up from a new gym. Shimmying into a new space isn’t easy (literally, just ask my feet). You have to adjust and adjust and adjust to find a comfortable position. Even then, you and the new space need time to really mold together.

I’m so excited to welcome the rest of the HC folks to DC tomorrow. It feels much overdue to give and receive some Holy Cross hugs. xxx

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